Long time no posts

October 27th, 2007

It’s been a long time since I posted anything because we’ve moved again, so instead of Canadian Immigrants, we’re now immigrants to Ireland - more to follow on that. However to kick things off here are our initial observations about the things that really stand out it Ireland . . .

  •  Smoking - it’s just incredible how many of the population smoke, and they do it everywher. There are huddles of them outside doors to most buildings, and on the streets it seems that everyone you walk behind is puffing out noxious smoke.
  • Cell phones (mobile phones) - the Irish are totally wedded to their cell phones. They drive whilst using them, shop and everything else. The conversations are so inane and pointless too. I’m sure it’s just boredom, they don’t seem to be able to endure a moment without some form of stimulation.
  • Traffic congestion - the roads are so narrow and winding and there is so little parking that it’s a nightmare to drive. In many cases it really is quicker to walk.
  • Lack of ‘joined up thinking’ in government. Take a couple of examples - there is a hefty tax on plastic carrier bags. When a store gives you a plastic bag, you the customer have to pay the tax, which means that stores do not give bags unless you ask for one and pay for it. However, there’s no such tax or deposit on plastic drink bottles. The result - shopping is really inconvenient but the streets are littered with hundreds of plastic bottles and pop cans.
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European court gets it wrong again

November 23rd, 2006

Well folks it’s business as usual for the grasping chancellor - keep paying the taxes on the booze etc.

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Complaining about a solicitor (in the UK)

November 6th, 2006

Have you ever felt that a solicitor has . . .

  • overcharged
  • charged an extortionate amount for what looks like very little work
  • taken too long doing work
  • not responded to your enquires about progress
  • been dismissive of your legitimate protests
  • not given you value-for-money

Do you want to tell the world about it?

I’m thinking about putting together a website about people’s complaints about solicitors, so I would be grateful if you would comment on this post to let me know of your interest.

If the interest is there I will go ahead.

Here’s what Which? said in their last report; this is on a really interesting site about very serious misconduct by solicitors, give it a read! What we all need to do is write to our MP and say it is totally wrong for the Law Society to police solicitors when it is run by solicitors, for solicitors. We need an independent body NOW!

I will be putting together some pages detailing my complaint about Clarkson Penhale Solicitors, based in Morecambe, for public viewing in the near future. It might help anyone trying to choose a solicitor.

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Winter of the way

November 5th, 2006

Early November and the termperature is a few degrees below freezing here in Edmonton. So far about 10 cm of snow has fallen so the roads are somewhat messy once you get off the main steets and avenues.

House owners are responsible for clearing the snow off the sidewalks outside their property, but most of them of not clearing it. That’s irresponsible because many people walk and especially the older ones find it very difficult because of the slippy surfaces.

So, ‘Get out there you idle tennants and house owners and do your bit!’

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What does the Koran says about veils?

October 24th, 2006

The bbc has a really informative page about the Koran and what it actually says about both men and women’s dress. It does not say that women should wear something that covers their whole body except their eyes, that is one very strict interpretation.

The bbc’s page starts by saying . . .

‘The Koran, Islam’s holy book and treated as the literal word of God, tells Muslims - men and women - to dress modestly.’

I am puzzled by the interpretation put on that being that women should be completely covered. I am even more puzzled that women go along with that interpretation.

The bible contains much more specific rules, but few Christians keep them rigidly.

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Lunacy continues at airports

October 6th, 2006

When will some sense prevail and our governments stop harrasing the good guys?

Airport security is still a total mess, presided over by idiots - no liquids etc. The people making the rules don’t know what day of the week it is. Otherwise they would never have introduced these stupid restrictions.

No-one has yet shown that it is possible to produce a liquid that can be detonated using  anything that could be taken onto an aircraft - so why are we suffering - because the government wants to condition us and make us more willing to accept identity cards and other intrusions into our lives.

Do you trust the government - whatever party? I certainly don’t. We are now living in a police state, ruled over by a set of megalomaniacs. Nothing will stop it unless we the people tell our politicians what we want, it’s up to you and me.

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Well spoken Jack Straw, muslim women shouldn’t be covered up

October 6th, 2006

It’s about time someone spoke out and said that muslim women should not cover their faces, especially when trying to communicate. We have notices in banks etc asking motorcyclists to remove their helmets, so why not muslim women?

You can’t communicate with someone in a mask, we wouldn’t tolerate this from other sections of the community so we ought not to ignore it. Covering up like this emphacises separation, immigrants should be trying harder to integrate, not setting themselves apart.
Straw has said something useful for once, let’s give him credit.

The End

More smoke and mirrors from the Blair government

August 31st, 2006

Anti-social behaviour in the headlines again - you know when things are going badly for the government when they bring out their smokescreen. It used to be foxhunting, a subject guaranteed to raise passions because people have such strong views about it, and in real terms, that is how it affects the everyday lives of people it’s totally insignificant and unimportant; but it makes people talk, and more important, it diverts their attention away from important issues.

Anti-social behaviour affects us all, but government action is not going to solve it. Government action is certainly the cause - supporting parents’ rights against schools, giving more rights to children etc, but now that those things are part of our lives we can’t take them away easily. It used to be considered the duty of all adults to discipline children, for example if there was unruly behaviour in the street then any passing adult would have had sharp words with the children and the generally things would have been sorted out. Teachers could have given offenders a sharp reminder to behave.

Not so now. If another adult tells children to bahave they will get a mouthful of cheek and more than likely an angry parent harassing them and telling them to mind their own business. So how is society going to tackle these young hooligans - certainly not by legislation or ‘getting social workers involved sooner’.

Blair and his cronies know that, but can talk about anti-social behaviour knowing that they have a receptive audience  who want this problem addressed. Blair can talk all he wants knowing that he doesn’t need to do anything except stir people up.

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Still no respite for air travellers

August 31st, 2006

Air travellers are still being harassed and victimised by governments around the world despite any credible threat. Why you may ask?

The answer is simple. Political posturing.

Look at the facts.

  • The UK ‘plot’ has not been proved, it is still only alleged.
  • None of the so-callled plotters had even bought an airline ticket
  • Many of them did not even have passports
  • The authorities were well aware of these people and could have arrested them at any time, that means there was absolutely no way they could have ever boarded an aircraft

What we see in the UK is a failing government, imposing more and more restrictions on the population. By targetting air travellers, most of us at some time, the government makes the population more compliant because they have to choice about obeying. You have paid for your flight or holiday already, and if you don’t comply you will not get what you paid for.

You can also be sure that Tony Blair will not be made to comply with those regulations, can you really imaging anyone searching him and denying him boarding of his private aircraft?


For the triumph of evil, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing

Ask yourself what you really want and act, write to your MP, use your vote at every possible opportunity to send a strong message to Tony Blair.

The End

Credit card update

August 24th, 2006

Finally, after two years we have managed to get our deposit back from the credit card company and bank. That means that they have had our money for two years at a miserly rate of interest.

As you might guess we have now opened a different bank account and will be applying for a different credit card, as soon as that is sorted out the old account and credit card will be closed.

The End